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How does counseling help? 

Counseling provides a supportive space for you to comfortably discuss your concerns. Together we explore behavioral patterns and make positive life changes. Counseling also helps you gain insight into problematic situations and teaches you new coping skills to manage difficult relationships and to avoid future problems.    

How do I know a counselor is a good match for me? 

Finding a counselor takes time and effort. Before speaking with a counselor, create a list of questions to help you decide if this person is a good fit. If you feel like your goals are not being met, then discuss this with your therapist and together you can work to resolve any concerns.  

Who should seek help? 

You may seek help for multiple reasons. Sometimes you may be experiencing difficulties because of a recent loss (loved one, relationship, job, etc.). Or you may have noticed a negative pattern and you want to make positive changes. Perhaps you noticed your mood is preventing you from doing things you once loved doing. Maybe someone close to you recommended that you seek help. The reasons for seeking support are many. In general, speaking to a professional provides you with objectivity and confidentiality within a therapeutic space.  

How is my information kept private? 

All therapists follow HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines. All your information is kept strictly confidential except for a few limitations, ask Dr. Khan about these exceptions.

How long should I expect counseling to last? 

The length of counseling depends on the issue(s) being addressed. Counseling can vary from a few to many sessions.

How long is a session and how often should we meet? 

A session is approximately 45-50 minutes long. Sessions will be on a weekly basis but as therapy progresses you and Dr. Khan may decide to move to biweekly sessions or once a month, check-in sessions.

What is the cost per session? 

Sessions cost $235 per 50 minute session. However, this varies depending on your insurance benefits. Dr. Khan will work with your out-of-network benefits to negotiate a rate with you. If the sessions are self-pay, she works on a sliding scale. Checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discovery are all accepted. 

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness Meditation is a practice which focuses on living in the present moment. Mostly, we tend to focus on the past or the future, research has shown that this mind wandering leads to unhappiness. The practice of mindfulness meditation teaches us strategies for being in the present moment. Research has linked mindfulness meditation to reduced stress and worry, as well as a general sense of well-being.

Mindfulness Meditation
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