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Free Phone Consultation 

To learn more about the services offered by Dr. Khan, you can email ( or call/text her (786.471.4054), she will be happy to answer any questions. 

Individual Mindfulness Meditation Sessions

Dr. Khan will work with you, individually, to train you in the art of Mindfulness Meditation

Free Phone Consultation
Individual Mindfulness

Mindfulness Meditation for Companies

If you are a company looking to incorporate Mindfulness Meditation in the workplace, Dr. Khan can help strategize with you to determine the best model that fits your employees needs. 

LGBTQ Counseling

Dr. Khan identifies as an ally of the LGBTQ population. Dr. Khan is knowledgable about LGBTQ issues and works with her clients to process questions pertaining to sexual orientation, coming out, and same sex relationships. 

Minfulness for Companies
Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy

Dr. Khan has an open, non-judgmental view on sex and sexuality, she comes from a sex positive perspective. Sex is a challenging topic due to societal, cultural, family, and religious factors. Dr. Khan provides an opportunity to discuss concerns depending on her clients' comfort level. It's not Dr. Khan's intention to change her clients' viewpoint, only to increase clients' awareness of their own understanding of sex and sexuality.


Sex therapy involves working with individuals and/or couples on issues pertaining to intimacy and sex. This can include helping with sexual difficulties such as erectile dysfunction, pain during intercourse, vaginal dryness, and concerns with orgasm. In addition, sex therapy can focus on helping couples reconnect sexually by providing psycho-education regarding sex and sexuality, navigating challenging conversations pertaining to intimacy, and exploring ways to rekindle sexual connections.    


E-therapy involves the use of telephone, video sessions,  or email packages. This version of counseling may not be suitable for everyone, especially for those who may be experiencing on-going emotional distress.

Phone and video sessions can be more convenient for

individuals who are on the go. Appointments can easily be scheduled at more suitable times. Clients interested in phone or video sessions would be further assessed by Dr. Khan to determine the viability of this option. Clients should also keep in mind that some non-verbal cues are lost with this method, which can impact communication and affect the therapeutic connection. 

Email packages are a supportive tool that can be used for individuals wanting feedback regarding a particular issue. Therapeutic emails are considered supportive in nature and not on-going therapy. 

Dr. Khan will conduct an initial assessment to determine if e-therapy is a suitable fit for you. E-therapy will only be practiced with Florida residents.   

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling can benefit individuals in same sex or opposite sex relationships. Dr. Khan works with couples to ensure they are communicating effectively, understanding each other's values and beliefs, and working on building healthier interactions. 

Individual Counseling

Dr. Khan works with clients individually to help talk through distressing feelings, thoughts, and situations. She provides valuable feedback and gently encourages leading a healthier, more enriching life. 

Individual Counseling
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